Choose The Correct Answer
1. A: Is Mrs Brown an engineer? B: No, _________.
a) he isn't b) she isn't c) it isn't d) she is
2. A: Is Mr Taylor a doctor? B: Yes, _________.
a) he is b) it is c) she is d) he isn't
3. A: Where is he from? B: He is from _________.
a) French b) English c) Turkish d) Japan
4. A: What's his nationality? B: He is _________.
a) The USA b) Spain c) English d) Italy
5. What's the time? 7:39
a) It’s seven to thirty-nine b) It’s twenty-one to eight
c) It’s twenty-one past eight d) It’s thirty-nine past seven
6. What's the time? 3:15
a) It’s three fifteen. B) It’s quarter to four.
c) It’s quarter past four. d) It’s quarter to three.
7. Tom is her brother. _________ is a student.
a) Her b) She c) His d) He
8. Mr Johnson is forty-four years old and _________ wife is forty years old.
a) our b) my c) his d) her
9. We're the Walkers. Sally is _________ daughter.
a) our b)his c) her d) your
10. There are two girls in the Johnson family. _________ names are Judy and Marion.
a) Her b) Your c) Their d) My
11. September is the _________ month of the year.
a) second b) ninth c) seventh d) fourth
12. Tuesday is the _________ day of the week.
a) fourth b) first c) second d) third
13. There _________ any milk in the fridge.
a) aren’t b) are c) isn’t d) is
14. There _________ any apples in the basket.
a) isn’t b) are c) is d) aren’t
15. There _________ some students in the classroom.
a) are b) aren’t c) isn’t d) is
16. There _________ some milk in the fridge.
a) are b) is c) aren’t d) isn’t
17. There aren’t any _________ at home. Can you buy some?
a) orange juice b) bananas c) tea d) butter
18. There isn't any _________ in the house.
a) apples b) books c) pencils d) milk
19 They go _________ work.
a) at b) in c) to d) by
20. Jack goes to school _________ the morning.
a) in b) to c) at d) by

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