Choose The Correct Answer
1. A: Is Mrs Rose a secretary? B: Yes, _________.
a) it is b) he isn't c) he is d) she is
2. A: Is Mr Taylor a teacher? B: No, _________.
a) she isn't b) he isn't c) he is d) it isn't
3. A: What's her nationality? B: She is _________.
a) Spanish b) Germany c) Italy d) France
4. A: Where are from? B: I am from _________.
a) French b) English c) Turkey d) German
5. What's the time? 9:56
a) It’s ten to four b) It’s four past nine
c) It’s fifty-six to nine d) It’s four to ten
6. What's the time? 7:15
a) It’s quarter to seven. b) It’s seven fifteen.
c) It’s quarter to eight. d) It’s quarter past eight.
7. Elif is his sister. _________ is an actress.
a) He b) His c) She d) Her
8. Mrs Taylor is forty-one years old and _________ husband is forty-five years old.
a) her b) your c) his d) our
9. We're the Wilsons. Barbara is _________ daughter.
a) their b) our c) her d) his
10. There are two girls in the Johnsons family. _________ names are Rita and Mary.
a) My b) His c) Her d) Their
11. _________is the seventh day of the week.
a) Saturday b) Sunday c) Monday d) Friday
12. November is the _________ month of the year.
a) eighth b) sixth c) eleventh d) twelfth
13. There _________ any cheese in the fridge.
a) isn’t b) are c) aren’t d) is
14. There _________ any eggs in the basket.
a) are b) aren’t c) is d) isn’t
15. There _________ some potatoes in the box.
a) is b) aren’t c) are d) isn’t
16. There _________ some cheese in the fridge.
a) isn’t b) are c) aren’t d) is
17. There aren’t any _________ at home. Can you buy some?
a) cheese b) tea c) milk d) oranges
18. There isn't any _________ in the fridge.
a) pencils b) cheese c) apples d) books
19. He goes _________ house.
a) to b) in c) at d) by
20. Jack watches TV _________ the evening.
a) at b) to c) in d) by

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